Friday, February 6, 2009

Time for a poll!!

Hey you guys it's Phoenix!! It seems Jenni is stalling with going back to poor Hope and everyone, so in the mean time we have decided to run a contest to see which looks you guys like better!

Both Jenni and I redid the whole gang but it's up to YOU to decide which look you like better!!

I know it's depressing to think of them changing...


Or maybe not... Just think of it this way! You will NEVER see them looking like THAT again! *Cheers*

Okay so are my versions of the Hurt gang.








And finally! Joy!! (Ignore Edmund in the background... He was having hygiene issues... Imagine that... Hygiene issues in a Apocalypse challenge!)

Now I pass the post to Jenni *Slides keyboard over*

Hey guys! It's Jen! Long time, no post, huh? So, before I show you guys my work, I just wanna let you guys know, that you don't have to side with one person. If you like the way I did Hope, but like the way Phoenix did Joy, that's perfectly fine!! Go ahead and say so!! We're not tallying by which set gets the most votes, we're tallying by which outfit on each character gets the most votes.

Edmund. He's not very photogenic, is he?

Jerome, showing off his famous "I just got a makeover" slouch.

Joy. Note the cool little non-Maxis bangles on her left arm :D Courtesy of All About Style. Totally love that place!

And Hope!!
Hope: Ugh I hate it!!
Jenni: Get over it.
She seriously did the whole "I hate this makeover so much I'm gonna barf" thing. Stupid sims.

And those're my makeovers!! Please leave a comment and vote!! The polls'll be open........ Until I finish the challenge I'm working on and get back around to these guys :-D


CarlaluvsSims said...

I like Jenni's Edmund and Jerome makeovers and Phoenix's Hope and Joy makeovers. You two are too funny!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Jenni's Edmund and Hope and Phoenix's Jerome and Joy. I'm having fun reading!

Ang said...

I vote for Jenni's Edmund. Phoenix's Jerome, Hope and Joy.

I actually like Jenni's clothes for Joy better, but the hair on Phoenix's Joy is better for her face!

ruby said...

Amazing what a makeover can do for a person.
*tosses in her 2 cents worth*

Hope - Jenni's clothes, Phoenix's clothes
Jerome - Jenni
Edmund - Jenni
Joy - Phoenix

ruby said...

LOL lets try that Hope again... really should read before i hit post comment
I meant
Hope - Jenni's clothes, Phoenix's hair

Sarah said...

I love all the makerovers to be totally honest!
but i vote for...
Edmund-phoenix hair, jenni's clothes
Joy-phoenix hair, jenni's clothes
(: love this blog! you guys are too funny

Melissa said...

Here are my votes:

Edmund-Phoenix hair, Jenni's clothes
Joy-Phoenix hair, Jenni's clothes

Can't wait to see more updates.

Ndayeni said...

Jerome - Jenni's hair, Phoenix's clothes
Edmund - Jenni's clothes, Phoenix's hair
Joy - Jenni
Hope - Jenni

Triss said...

My votes:

Hope - Jenni
Jerome - Jenni
Edmund - Phoenix
Joy - Jenni