Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Results Of Boredom, Loneliness and The Curse of The Disappearing Pictures

Haha. I'm bored. Phoenix and my other best friend Alex abandoned me, so I'm all alone watching cheesy Disney Channel movies......... I didn't say that.

So where was I? Oh yes. Hope had just died. *Tear*

After Hope's death, Jerome became a major....... Lazy sack? Seriously. He would lay in bed for a while, then get up, get some food, go to the bathroom, and go to sleep. Then when he was done sleeping, he'd get up, go to the bathroom and laid back down on the bed. He was so boring. This is why I shall never ever ever ever do ISBI. That and I'm scared of it.

Joy got a job and started getting promotions.
Joy: I have to keep my mind off of... Mom!! *Bursts into tears*
Jenni: It's okay, Joy *Hugs*

Oh and that was the other thing Jerome did. He had the flu, but despite his laying around, it never seemed to go away, and he'd constantly be giving it to the kids. Grr.

Joy also handled her depression by cleaning. Before Hope's death, I'd have to instruct her to go and clean, she'd complain, go and start it and immediately stop, due to her ONE neat point. After Hope died, she'd go all on her own and finish cleaning the toilet.

Edmund handled his depression by doing as I asked. He's such a good little boy. *Hugs*


Jenni: I'm sorry! I thought four mechanical points would be enough.
Edmund: I need to go to bed.
Jenni: Don't you wanna go take a sponge bath or something?
Edmund: Oh gross! How repulsive! I would have to be... *Whispers* Naked
Jenni: Your sister's upstairs and your dad's in his room. Where he always is.
Edmund: You disgust me.
Jenni: Ugh.

Joy: Hush up. We have company. *Giggle*
Jenni: Aww. *Gag*

I love this cinematic... So cute.

Jenni: Oh get a room.
Recognize the red hair in the corner?

Jenni: Hello Suzanne.
Suzanne: Hello! Who're you?
Jenni: Not telling. Get out of here before I boolprop you to oblivion.
Jerome: Ignore her. I think I've heard her make that threat twenty times.
Jenni: It was three!!!

Jenni: Don't you dare die on me, Jerome Hurt!!

Crap you're gonna die on me in the red!!

Jenni: *Sniff* Of course I'm not too terribly attached to him... Phoenix is the one who spent the most bonding time with him, but it was pretty sad to see him go.

Jerome: No! I have to take care of my kids!!
Grim Reaper: They're both adults. They can take care of themselves. And they have a micromanager with them.
Jenni: That's me!!!

Jerome: *Sigh* Okay...
Joy: Daddy!!! *Crying*
Joy was definitely more of a Daddy's girl...

Don't worry, as soon as we can move furniture, I'll make this a very special room for you guys. Until now, your urns can get in the way of your kids and me, just like you always have.

Jerome Hurt
Fortune Sim
Died in the red (Great. Angry ghost.)
Former Icon (I think that's the name)
Beloved husband, father, ex Secret Society member, and the man we shamelessly used and abused.

Yeah, I'm still bored... And alone... But I'm running out of pictures. Hehe.

Edmund got a job in Criminal and got a couple of promotions... I swear!! I just can't find the pictures. :-( But until I can get to the desktop, I can't get more pictures, so... Bye!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Short But Sweet

Yo to the peoples!!

So, here's where we last left off. Joy had met her dream boy, Korey Collins. La dee freaking dah.

Here's where I would show you a picture of Hope's pathetic life bar, but erm.... I didn't take one. Or I saved over it or something like that. Oops. So imagine it.

Oh and Edmund still has the stomach flu from heck.

Jenni: Ooh, shiny!!! Edmund, go wish for platinum.
Edmund: Why?
Jenni: Because I said so.
Edmund: Fine.
Jenni: Do you want to get promotions?
Edmund: ...Yes
Jenni: Then go.

Jenni: Joy? Joy honey?
Joy: Look at the baby! Who's a cute baby? You are! Yes you are! Ooh, you're so adorable.
Jenni: Let's let her have her fun.

Jenni: ...Hope what are you eating??
Hope: A salad.
Jenni: That's against the rules, per the Natural Science career!
Hope: But it's good!
Jenni: Ugh.
Hope: You're mean.
Jenni: Naaw, really?
Hope: You know, some day you're gonna miss me.
Jenni: Nope. I'm good.
Hope: Well, nice to know.

Jenni: Wait, what??
Hope: Told you so!
Jenni: Okay, I get the point! Don't go!!

Jenni: Oh don't look so smug. I have boolprop and I have no idea how to use it!!
Grim Reaper: Not unless you want to crash the neighborhood.
Jenni: Dang it.

Here is where I do one of those obituary type things, even though I have NO idea what exactly obituary means...

Hope Less-Hurt
Fortune Sim
Died platinum
Former Captain Hero (For like three days)
Beloved founder, wife, mother, and pain in the butt

And non-officially, my... Second favorite sim ever. Sorry, Kia Legacy beat you out by a thread.

We'll miss you.