Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome To The Real World, Kiddos

Ahh, yes... This is what I get upon arrival. Nice welcome back, isn't it?

Jenni: This is also what I am greeted with. Joy, what are you doing??
Joy: I'm mad!
Ahh, don't you love teenagers?

Edmund: How ome you have to keep taking pictures of me like this?
Jenni: If you actually manage to use those full neat points and clean it, I might stop, but since you won't........ Hehe.

Jenni: Don't you love elder bladders?
Hope: I gotta goooooooooooo!!!
Jerome: Hang on, I'm in the middle of reading this article... No!! Oh no she didn't!!
Hope: JEROME!!

Hope: Ewwww... Jerome, I am so gonna hurt you!!
After this, they had a second bathroom installed.

Why me??? *Sigh* So begins the flu epidemic of '09. I didn't take pictures of it, but at one point, the entire family was infected. I think now it's just Edmund and Jerome with it, and I'm trying really hard to cure Edmund and keep Joy healthy.

Jenni: Yes you saw it happen right here, folks!! Jerome Hurt is taking a SPONGE BATH!! With all of his four outgoing points!!
Jerome: Oh my god!! Get that camera away from me!!

Jenni: JOY!!! GET BACK INSIDE AND LEAVE THE TRASH CAN ALONE!!! ...Oh hi Dagmar!! No, you must have the wrong house. We don't get bills here since Harold... No don't put the bills in the -- Never mind.

You see that fear? That fear of growing up badly? And his aspiration bar? Yeah, that's not good. Do I care? No. Time to grow up, buddy.

Jenni: Okay, throw up first. Now grow up.
Edmund: Now?
Jenni: Yes. Now.
Edmund: In the bathroom?
Jenni: YES!

Jenni: Hmm... Not bad... Finally got over the red...


Edmund: I wonder if that nice therapist is going to come and visit... Hey lookie! It's a pyu-urple flutterby!!

Don't wanna know what he's thinking about... No one's died, I swear to God!

Edmund: Ooooh, pretty colors.......

Edmund: Thank you Mister Happy Face!!
Therapist: Of course. I should be running along... Your father isn't here, is he?
Jenni: Now that Edmund's done losing what he never had, let's see what he's wearing.

Jenni: Hmm... Not bad... A little bland in the coloring, but it could be worse... It's not bad enough for me to care to change it, that's what matters.

Jenni: Joy, stop playing with the refridgerator!!
Joy: Nope!!

Aww, aren't they cute? Just stanky.

I got so fed up with the last sink breaking, so ta-da!! Here's a brand new, shiny, expensive sink!!

She finally gets aspiration points for doing something she loves!!

I didn't get a picture, but Edmund got a job in athletic.

First day of work, he brings home this guy. Jeff something-or-other.

Jenni: Two of them? Seriously?? Joy, clean those up!!
Joy: How come we always have to do what you tell us?
Jenni: Because I am the Creator. Now do it.

This is a typical family meal in this house... Standing around and someone complaining.

This is about the point where I decided to put in wall paper and windows. Since my computer screen is uber dark for some reason, the windows helped.

Upstairs, including the new potty closet, and the makeover chair I bought, to give Suzanne a makeover. Alas, I never got the chance, because for some reason, it wouldn't give me the option to. *Pout*

And the downstairs... Excluding the kitchen.

I call this the toddler exile room, which really isn't needed, now that they have an actually WALL STRUCTURE around the beds. *Glares at Phoenix*

Poor toddlers are all alone in the toddler exile room... Once benches are allowed, remind me to have someone make a handmade teddy bear. It'll be a nice touch. And once paintings are allowed, I'll put in some nice pictures in there, too, to keep the toddlers company.

Well.... Okay, this isn't exactly where I planned on stopping this chapter, but A) I have school work to do (I'm homeschooled) and B) Meds are making me tired, and C) I don't have the patience to keep going cause I want to post this.

Technically, the poll from the last post is still open if you haven't voted ;-)

Please comment and I promise I'll write the rest as soon as I wake up from my nap!!

Love you all! You guys rock!



Phoenix said...

Wow Jenni lots happened...

Edmund is STILL VEEERY hansom... He'll go so perfectly with the wife we have for him :D

ruby said...

Yes Edmund is still handsome
man. you had troubles.. glad you managed to get through all that flu and grossness!
someone needs to kick Joy.. maybe then she will stop kicking over the trash can *snorts*