Saturday, April 4, 2009

Future Mrs. Korey Collins

Okay, so clearly I've been in a coma for the past two months... I'm sorry about the lack of updates. At first, it was simply because I was drugged up (I was sick) and too tired to care about updating... Then this strange thing I've never heard of before called life came in and has taken up any blogging time. And, to make things worse, I decided to get ahead of myself in playing, which confuses me more with the pictures. And, if you're on the TS2 challenges yahoo group (Chances are in my favor that you are) you probably read my email begging for help with ghosts... Yeah, I had some issues... But I'll get to that later. For now, enjoy!

When we last left the Hurts, their house was renovated, Edmund had gone to work as a mascot, and Joy was kicking over trash cans.

As you can tell, this hasn't stopped.

And neither has this.

Jerome: Hey Joy. Congratulations on being born.
Joy: Umm... Thanks Dad?

Edmund soon finds his (my) dream job (for him)
Edmund: I feel like you're manipulating me.
Jenni: I am. Get over it. Do you want to keep paying protection to the mob?
Edmund: *Slowly* No...
Jenni: Good.

Ahh, don't you love aspiration failures?

Unfortunately, it's almost Joy's birthday... You know what that means?

(I don't remember who the dude is... He might've come home with Edmund from work)


You know, I was kind of mad at Phoenix a little cuz the show biz wasn't one of my top priorities, but now I'm so glad she did it.........

Psychiatrist: Ello, dahling. I zee I ave another one of you 'Urts
Joy: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr......

Psychiatrist: Ess, ess... I ee you 'ave a case of zee Maxees gleech, zee 'air zrough zee torzo zyndrome. And your Creators took bad care of ou.
Jenni: Hey!! I could so boolprop you into oblivion.

Joy: Thank you sir!
Jenni: Okay, thank the kind man, then get in the car and get your butt over to Narissa's Clothing. Now.

Jenni: Much better. Very cute. Time to go husband-hunting.

(We already know who we're gonna pair Edmund with. Once he gets to the top of the Criminal career, we'll move him out, Elixer him up, and marry him to a very special girl that we all know and love.)

Welcome to Red's Famous Fifty's Diner. Cutest little place ever.



Not TOO bad... ..........Okay I lied.

Here we go. The perfect guy. For an Uglacy.

After a while, we got bored with all of the ugly guys, so we went to....... Some art place. I don't remember the name.

Spiffy place.

Okay, is this not AWESOME???

Jenni: Never mind. THIS is awesome.
Joy: Scuse me?? Guy??
Jenni: Right.
Joy: Hey, what about him??
Jenni: Who? *Looks at guy Joy points at* No, no, no, no, no, no, and NO!!

Joy: But he thinks I'm cute! And he's not half bad looking himself!
Jenni: Ugggggggggggggggh.... Fine. Test time.
I decided to give them the ultimate test that even her parents failed.

Shoot, he accepted. Yes, this was the first interaction I had her do on him. And yes, he accepted.

If you'll remember, her parents failed this test.
Joy: He's CUH-UTE!!
Jenni: Ugh, hang on.

Jenni: Okay. Let's look at the possibilities. A, he's better than Uglacy dude up there. B, He's got a reasonable last name. C, He's actually kinda cute. And D (Best of all) Downtownie. Which usually means money. YAY!
Joy: Does that mean I can go for him??
Jenni: *Sigh* Yes.
Joy: YAY!!!

Again, stupid end of post, but (Again with the letters) A, it's midnight and I've been working on this stupid post for two days. B, It's been five weeks since I last posted and I felt that I needed to get this out there ASAP. And C, I need to organize my photobucket account to actually FIND stuff before the next post.

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Joy's outfit is from TSR. I'm sorry, I don't think I could find a link if I tried.

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