Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope's Final College Days

Because of the way I ended this, I figured that it would be best to put the notes up here first. Custom content credits: Wire frame bed used cheaply only for woohoo and then sold to get the full value back: XMsims.

I finished Hope's sophmore year in an hour real time, and I figured instead of blogging four posts on her entire, lame college life, I would just round it out with one more post.

And, I love, love, LOVE reading challenge blogs in my spare time. If you have a challenge blog, I would love for you to post the link in your comment!! I can't get enough of reading them. :-D

And I once again apologize for the image size. I forgot to set it to medium in my game and had to reset the image size manually.

End_Senior_Year.jpg picture by RudeSimplyRude
Jenni: Hey Hope!! Whoa, what happened?? You had just graduated your freshman year!!

Hope: Well, you didn't take a good opening picture, so you're stuck with this.

Jenni: Oops... Sorry guys :-D

Jenni: So what happened here?
Hope: Okay, so this girl, Demi Love just came parading in. She yelled at me, and then poked me. It hurt.
Jenni: Yeah, doesn't look like she's showing much love.

Hope: And then she ARRESTED me!! I didn't know that wearing plaid was illegal!

Jenni: Don't worry! I've seen this done in hundreds of blogs! It's perfectly safe... I think.

Hope: You think?
Jenni: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell........... Let's say I'm 98% sure.
Hope: What about the other two percent?

Jenni: Plaid is illegal and Benjamin Long, and Kennedy Cox, and Goopy are gonna be your cellmates.

Jenni: Don't worry!
Hope: I'm handcuffed in the back of a limo!! Excuse me for being freaked!
Hope: What are Reed and Juan doing here??

Jenni: Welcome to the Secret Society!

Hope: Cool!!

Ariel view of the secret society house.

Pinstaaaaaaaaaar... Are you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure I can't take him home??

Not to sound like a broken record... Aww.

You may be wondering how I avoided the plumbob thingie in this picture. Well, I couldn't get a good picture, even with the plumbob obnoxiously in front of it. So I........ Er...... Boolpropped and made Reed, who was standing right there selectable and took it that way. Oh, and I discovered that Reed is a romance sim. He had some Hope-related wants....... I was like "Haha, yeah right buddy." Maybe a spare someday will take pity on him. Maybe. Doubt it.

Hope: Jerome... I have something to ask you...


Jenni: Crappit!! This could only happen to me.

Hope: Hee-eee-eeelp-p-p-p me-e-e-e!!!

Jenni: Eeep!!! Okay, okay! Eat, pee, sleep, eat, shower! Got it?

Hope: No... I feel AWFUL!!

May I point out again that I've been playing this stupid game for only four months?

Hope: Oh, and this cow totally did that whole wolf whistle thing at me!! It was nasty!!
Jenni: It's okay. This was even before you proposed. I once had a female cow flirt with my Legacy heiress, who was engaged. And she accepted the flirt. Stupid fricking, fracking cows.

You know, I explicitly said keep it PG.........

Jenni: WHOA!! Kay, I did NOT need to see that!!

Jenni: This. Could. Only. Happen. To. Me. She was IN THE ENERGIZER!!! I don't know what sicko at Maxis decided that it would be funny to do this to me, but I hope he's having a good time laughing at me.

After saving Hope from near death... AGAIN!!!

Jenni: And we're back around. Finally. Now, Hope. Go and call for a taxi! You're growing up!!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freshman Year

I am so so sorry in advance for the horrendous size of these images. I'm still new to the whole blogging/Flock thing.

This is Hope. She's a female fortune sim. I don't remember what her personality is... He he... Hope's lifetime want is to reach the top of the Entertainment career. Hopefully she will get there eventually, but for now she's going into college for an art major.
Jenni: Hello Hope!
Hope: Uhhh... Hi?
Jenni: Oh, get used to it. You're getting the saner one first.

Jenni: Ooh, cool dorm!!
Hope: Yeah, it's pretty nice! There are a lot of nice people here, too.
Jenni: Well we don't care about them yet.

Jenni: Downstairs of the dorm. Hope's room is the furthest one in the front with the computer because I'm cheap and didn't feel like buying her one.

Jenni: Upstairs. Very small, but very cute. And I was sick of playing the U shaped dorm. Okay, now we care about the people you're meeting, Hope.

Hope: This is my new friend, Christa. She's nice.
Christa's part of the Secret Society. I figured this out on a community lot, and I did take a picture, I swear! But pictures don't work when taken on community lots. Yeah, I'm smart.

Hope: This is Jerome. He's cute.
Jenni: Apparently he didn't think so.
Okay, so long story here. These two have two whole bolts of attraction. Just before I took this picture, however, he tried to flirt with her, even though they had never met before. She turned him down, shoving their relationship down. I, in all of my brilliance, had her try and flirt with him. Haha. Did I mention I've been playing sims since like, a month after Apartment Life came out? So like, four months.

Hope: Since I'm never rejected, I bugged Jerome until he let me flirt with him!
It was around this point that I figured out that not only was Christa in the Secret Society, but Jerome was too. I about fell out of my chair in shock seeing him walk around in a llama jacket. So stunned, in fact, that I didn't take a picture. Not that it would matter, with it being a community lot and all.

Jenni: Using time wisely, and skilling early, I see.
Hope: Yeah, I wanna get a good job once I graduate, and I want to get a head start.
I didn't have the heart to tell her what would happen once she graduated.

Jenni: Aww, so cute.
Hope: I really like him... He's a cutie... Except that hair.
Jenni: Yeah, we need to do something about that.

Hope: In the meantime...
Jenni: Keep it PG, kids!!

Hope: Okay, so we got a makeover chair (Because it builds badges and is therefore better than the vanity) and got rid of Jerome's awful Jason Tomyoy haircut.
Jenni: And he and every other Secret Society member of the household magically poofed into their Secret Society outfits. It was quite weird.

Jenni: See?

Jenni: Erm... I don't want to know what you did to him during that makeout.
Stupid fricking fracking plumbob. I hate having those in my pictures. Doesn't bother me when it's anyone else's, but I hate them in mine.

And awww... Just awww... That's all I have to say with this picture.

Jenni: All you university players know what this means!! Go, go, go, go!!! Ace that final!!

Jenni: Woot woot!! Love the jacket by the way.
Hope: I know, isn't it cute?
Jenni: It certainly is... Plaid...
And this is where I leave you for today. I know, not a very interesting chapter, but hey, what can I say? I'm bad at this. Some of you who have been blogging for years are like "You can be bad at this?" and the answer is yes. I can be bad at everything.

I do love Jerome. He's cute! He'll make cute babies.

Custom content credit:

Hope's hair - XMsims. Also comes with a cute little flower :-)
Hope's clothes - I forgot, but it's probably from All About Style or Parsimonious. I doubt it's from TSR, but it's possible.
Hope's lipstick and face makeup - No idea. They're from a sim I got off the exchange. Sorry :-(
Hope's plaid jacket - Parsimonious. They also have other Goopy-inspired clothing for pretty much every catergory. Way cute :-)

For the record, Hope's eyes are completely Maxis-made. I was too lazy to change them.