Monday, February 2, 2009

Starting Show Business and Glitches!!

Hey y’all!! It’s Phoenix this time!!
I’ve finally gotten my hands on Hope! So now you get to deal with her in MY hands... Oh and if in these pictures you see me breaking rules lemme know... I’m slightly paranoid about breaking the rules I dunno why.


So apparently I don’t have the hair for Hope, but I like that hair I think it suits her!

Hope: “ It’s kinda long...”

Hold on a second. You have NO problem running around in that... Blue... Pink... Thing... But you’re worried about the length of your hair??

Hope: “No comment.”

That’s better. I don’t take whiny Sims. So lets go take a look at what Jenni left us.


Or maybe I should say what she DIDN’T leave me. At least Hope has eight days... I just don’t know where to stick a double bed... Jenni isn’t the best at ORGANIZING >.> (I think I can already hear her yelling at me...)

And may I just point out WHO didn't want to bring an Elixir of Life home from college?? :P


As it was still Tuesday when Hope got home from work I had her quickly call Jerome and have him move in, as that’s something else that Jenni and I are doing the girls always take on the last name of the guy just to change things up!
But the big thing is what will Jerome be dressed in??


Oh. Duh. He’s outside. Well aren’t I good at this?? *Rolls eyes* Okay so lets look at his stats and what he graduated with!!


So not bad stats if I say so myself! Just a little lazy... lol!

Jerome: “You callin’ me lazy?”

Maybe....... Lets go see what you graduated with..... *Runs fast*


Okay so upon going inside Jerome changed his clothes, not bad, I mean fairly good compared to Hope.... Lets just pray she stays in her little police uniform.

So Jerome, you an athletic Sim?

Jerome: “I don’t know I haven’t tried anything fun yet.”

Right... *Awkward pause*

Has anyone noticed how awkward the word awkward is?? I mean it really is an odd word to type.

Jerome: “Hey narrator person! Are you gonna do something or am I stuck here?”

Sorry I ramble.


So a biology degree, not bad... We’ll just have to see what he gets in the paper...


Just one question... What IS this Jenni?????

Jenni: “A rock.”

No duh. I mean... Love ya!


While I’m on the ‘rant against Jenni’ mood. Why didn’t you put it against the wall so we’d at least have room for SOMETHING up here?? I don’t even think I could get another staircase up here! Gah!!

Okay I will do... Something...


I moved the one square chess table, chair, bookcase, and rock.

Which I have now named Harold!! And he’s very squishable! We all want to hug Harold!!

Hold on one second!!!


What is wrong with this picture??

Hang on lemme zoom in


5 x 7??? JENNI WE CAN DO EIGHT BY EIGHT!!!! No WONDER I can’t fit anything in this tiny little cramp place!!!!

I need to make it bigger. Now.


There eight by eight and a little rearranging that is within the rules and TADA!!! LOTSA room!!! And room for a double bed!!

And upstairs...


Well nothing’s changed... Just once again more room!!


J-J-Jerome... That was the only food you had for the day!!!

Jerome: “But it was smelly.”

So you throw it away?? You won’t get any more!!

Jerome: “But it was smelly!!”

Oh Jerome you and I are NOT gonna get along buddy. Go find a job.

(Oh and a note to self: Turn off ceilings before taking picts like this lol!!)


Show Business!!! *Sqee* As soon as he gets to the top NO MORE HIDEOUS CLOTHES!!!! *Dances*


Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a Star Trek phaser(Or however you spell it)? Either way now that Hope is at the top of the carrier track everyone can use it for cleaning points! Yippy!


Jerome and Hope quickly tie the not and Hope Less goes to Hope Hunt but they’re married and now we start for an heir so that this whole thing can continue!


Tinkling bells first time!! Now we just have to hope (*Giggle* yes I find that funny for some reason) and pray for a girl...

So now things get boring for you just get to know about promotions and things ha ha


Meet my newest enemy. This radio keeps Hope up when she REALLY needs sleep!!! And Jerome LOVES turning it on, grr...

He shall henceforth be called PEN1 (AKA Public Enemy Number 1)


I have NEVER been so happy to see this little autonomous thing!! Which is rather sad...


Yay!!! Hope looks cute!! Why can’t she just look this cute all the time?? Of course there is always negativity

Jenni: “She just has Meadow Thayer hair”

Picky. Picky. I like it deal with it!!


Jerome!! What did you do??

Jerome: “It just broke... Kersplooshe!! So I've been standing here for the past half hour staring at it, I figure it will stop”

No! You have to fix it!!

Jerome: “How?”

I dunno I’ve heard banging on it works. Bang on it?


Jerome: “I can’t see to bang on it!!”

Oddly enough for all this water on his face and his hair and his body he got no hygiene for this... Why??


Or clamp your hands over it *Rolls eyes*

Jerome: "*Sputter* Water *Cough* in mouth!!"

Not my problem I'm dealing with your wife now, you broke it you fix it.


GAH!! Me no likey this one meal a day thing!!! RUN LITTLEY HOPEY!!!



Hope is walking to work!!!! Today was her first day she would have missed! But I clicked ‘walk to work’ and there she went! She didn’t miss a day! She doesn’t have to quit!! *Dances*

Uh-oh... Terrance didn’t like me sending Hope walking to work..........................................


Notice something?



However it does make slow dancing amusing lol!!!

I figure after she changes out of Captain Hero clothes she’ll be good.

I hope.

Right Hope?

Hope: “It’d better. Or you’re in for it.”



Oh no.... Am I allowed to buy a dresser just to see if I can change her clothes to get her to show up?? GAH!

Okay I try that... Oh. Crap. I. Am. Dead.

Jenni will kill me if I don’t get Hope back........


Well before I could try the dresser...


Boy. Ugh. Not girl. Ugh.

I named him Edmund.... What? I’m watching Count Of Monte Cristo!! Poor floating Edmund... I can only imagine what he must be thinking...


What’s wrong?

Jerome: “My wife is invisible and you ask me what’s wrong??”

Good point.

Okay I tried the clothes thing... I don’t know what to do... I can deal with an invisible Sim... It doesn’t really bother me but... Uhh... So I’m gonna try loading out and in...


Well hey... Hope’s in that picture....

*Fingers crossed*


C.R.A.P. All you can see is a floating ring... Maybe when she turns Elder I just have no clue what to do...

Okay... So... Note to self: Walking to work while pregnant BAD!!!!

So Saturday she had work and Jerome didn’t so I’m hoping when she comes home she’ll be back to normal!! If not I’m gonna try deleting her.

I’m totally freaking out...

She came home invisible!! I can’t delete her cuz I can’t click her!!

So what has been decided is Jenni is resending me the town and I am restarting I’m gonna have the exact same things happen, and any changes that happen I’ll let you know... *Sigh*


Déjà Vu anyone? *Bangs head into table* Ow.

Hope: “What’s wrong? Oh. You’re that Phoenix girl... Jenni said you were a little... Odd...”

Oh yeah you don’t remember me... Goodie, goodie gumdrops!

Hope: “Can I just go inside now?”

Sure. But I need to fix your house like I had it before

Hope: “Before?”

This is gonna be a lo-o-o-o-ong night. Oh go call Jerome first. And make him move in and all that jazz.


Oh Jerome! I am SO missing your other clothes!!!

Jerome: “I had other clothes?”

Hope: *Whispered* “Ignore her... She has a lot of issues...”

Jerome: “I don’t care about clothes anyway! The world is ending!!”

Hope: “That’s what I told Jenni! She seemed to have the same issue. Well obviously not the mental issue.”

I don't think they can realize I can hear them.


Oh Hope!! I have never missed those HORRIBLE clothes so much!!!!

Hope: “Right...”


Well at least Jerome gets the same job! That’s a bonus!!


Aaaaand... It’s back.




Oh Harold!! I’ve missed you!!

Harold: “.....................................................”

And you just proved why I am SO glad to see you!!!


Another wedding with... WAY worse clothes.........


Hey! I like it this time!!

That’s a bonus!!


Remember what I was saying about Déjà vu??

Luckily you’re missing a lot of it... Y’know Hope nearly dying of hunger all the good stuff....


See? I skipped a LOT with you guys this time.



But still no baby girl... Once again we have Edmund... *Sigh* I have to do a pregnancy AGAIN???



Edmund looks like daddy! Too bad he’s the spare...

So with that.... I leave you.... Wasn’t that a fun glitch? Lol!!!

Until next time!

Phoenix out!!


JC-PR said...

*Grumbles* You're mean! At least when I put you in my post I made you like you are in real life :P And you can't use the scanner thingie until Adventurer is unlocked, so there. Ha ha ha ha ha!


ruby said...

OMG she was invisible.. I dunno .. I liked her better invisible, those clothes are horrid. LOL
*waves at Edmund* I love that movie btw.

SimChris said...

You could've used something such as the InSIMenator to reload the Sim which could've worked. Just... saying...

Other than that, it was an amusing entry :)

Triss said...

Invisible Hope was a lot more worrying than Hope wearing awful clothes. Great entry!