Sunday, February 1, 2009

Law Enforcement

Jenni: Oh my god... Hey Phoenix!! I think you better come and see this...

Phoenix: What do you want? I was in the middle of getting my Legacies through college and -- Oh holy crap...
Jenni: Yeah. What do I do?? Pinstar says fixing it is against the rules!!
Phoenix: Maybe we can change it and no one has to know!
Jenni: We're gonna be BLOGGING this, remember!!
Phoenix: Oh............

Jenni: *Sobbing* I can't believe this is happening!! If you had offered to take her college years, she wouldn't have gotten in the stupid energizer that nearly killed her, and then she wouldn't have been hit by lightening, and none of this would have happened!!
Phoenix: Hey, you offered first. I said I didn't have a problem with taking her through college, but nooooooo.
Jenni: Either help, or go back to your Legacies.
Phoenix: Just get on with the story. *Goes back to legacies*

It was a gloomy... I mean, a bright day in sim history. The 555th annual Sim City Superbowl was on, and sims all across the nation were watching this marvelous event.

Everyone from Sim City Legacy college (Named after the generous donors of half their dorms cause they were so stinking rich), and Sim City Legacy University attendees, Rachel and Taylor Legacy (Courtosy of my begging Phoenix for more pictures and her addiction to her legacies.)

To Benjamin Long, who was on vacation in the Twikkii Islands. (You'd think his feet would get tired of standing.)

To Don Lathario in Pleasantview, who looks like he's enjoying the pizza commercial more than he should. Probably because he could get cheap woohoo with the pizza girl. Either that or Madonna's playing at halftime.

To Pascal Curious in Strangetown, who looks ready to pee himself. Though that may be due to the massive bladder shrinkage sims get when they're pregnant.

To Phoenix, who I am pretty sure would rather be watching NASCAR than the Superbowl, but whatevs.

To... My simself, who is apparently not wearing her contacts or glasses and needed to be extremely close to the TV. I sure hope my eyes don't get that bad. I don't like wearing my glasses in the first place. I'd need like, super specs. But anyway... Then, 'it' happened. The commercials after the halftime whistle has blown, but before Madonna comes on stage and starts her thing, so every sim gets up to relieve their reddening bladder bars (especially Pascal Curious, who runs off in the traditional "I gotta pee real bad, but you turned off my free will" run.) And every sim flushes at the exact same time.

Circe Beaker, (She uses the toilet?? Who knew!!)

Remington Harris, (♥)

Even Carmen Patch (I swear!! It's her!! You just can't see her face!) And the power plants melt down from the acessive amounts of pee from disgusting townies like Goopy (Though I think that was the Superbowl we saw through his window... It might've been Elizabeth The Little Fairy Saves Sim City... We were scared to keep watching, hense the lack of Goopy pictures) and people like Carmen Patch and Circe Beaker. Oops.

Which brings us to our recent graduate student... Hope, which is exactly what she is to people across Sim City.

Hope: Ugh... Stupid clouds! You can't even see through them!
Jenni: Yeah, that would be the music restriction. You need a guitar riff. But that's not important. What is important is the fact that MY EYES ARE BURNING!!! AHHHH!!!!
Hope: It's the end of the world and you're worried about your eyes?
Jenni: It's not the end of the world! It's just the end of aspiration rewards, easy skilling in fall, showers, and regular meals. Easy peasy. Just like lawn living. Only I CAN'T CHANGE YOUR FRIGGEN CLOTHES!!

This is the basic layout of the house. I couldn't afford to get her the computer that was allowed, but I figured that she could build up fun from the radio anyway. Psssh, who needs a computer?? And actually that layout is UNDER 8x8 squares! Just to save money cause I pinch pennies in sims better than that Krabs dude on SpongeBob SquarePants, but I can expand if need be. Too bad I'm not that money conscious in real life...
Anyway, the house has a tiny bedroom with the phone on a bedside table (Yeah, that was smart), a main area with a refridgerator, two counters, one holding the cheap radio, with the sink next to it cuz I couldn't afford another counter to put the in-counter sink in, and a potty closet, as my aunt calls it.

Hope: Oh my god, that door is repulsive!!
Jenni: Have you seen what you're wearing?
I am fully convinced that this is a plot from Maxis to sabotage my game, and that truly, all of the randomness that's supposedly in the game is because there's a Maxoid that's tapped into the game. My Maxoid's name is Terrance, and he thinks it's hilarious to sabotage the apocalypse.

The welcome committee consists of: My simself, some AL townie named Jason something and an old lady who's name I don't remember. And apparently my simself is desperate for a date with Jason Something, so she's letting him peek up her skirt. Gross.

Hope: Then she started DANCING!
Jenni: I agree with Jason. And that's MY simself!! I wouldn't want to watch me dance.

Sim-Jenni: Oh yeah!! Uh huh! Go, go, go! WHOO!!!
Jenni: Maybe making her a Leo like I am in real life was a bad idea... Not so many outgoing points next time, kay?

Hope was fine with the house in the beginning, but she quickly started complaining about the environment bar. I looked over the rules, and... Bingo!!

I hung up about fifty thousand of those little curtains. They're cheap, so I don't have to pay protection on them, and they each have an environment score of two. Not a lot, but with a bunch of them, she finally stopped complaining.

Jenni: So Hope, I see you found a job!!
Hope: Yeah, the newspaper didn't have a lot of options, so I took the first one there was. Okay, so not the Journalism I was hoping for, but whatever. Law Enforcement works, too. At this point I'd be glad to get anything.

I found this rather funny. My simself would NOT stop calling Hope!! It's like a Marsha Bruening thing all over again!! Stupid full outgoing.

Alright, it's time to play "Spot as many bugs as you can!" A dog came over in the middle of the night and knocked over the trash can. Unfortunately I was working on Hope's needs so I didn't bother telling her to pick it back up. Stupid me.

Jenni: Alright!! A promotion!!
Hope: Can we use the bonus money to buy a car??
Jenni: Err... No.
Hope: Why?
Jenni: Cause we don't have enough money.
Hope: Oh... But I want a car!! See it?? It's right here in my wants panel!!
Jenni: I know, but so is skilling for your next promotion. Go do that and get into platinum and then we'll talk.

Hope: This is boring.
Jenni: Well keep doing it anyway. I had the hardest time getting her to continue to do the stupid jump rope. She did it enough to get the skill point she needed though.

People say that hand washing isn't very effective. I tend to disagree. Just bring up the full eight commands that the queue can hold and have her do it. Then, rinse and repeat. Ta da! It takes a while, but you have a full hygiene bar on those days when your Maxoid is in a particularly mean mood and won't let your sims do the autonomous sponge bath.

However, it does break a lot from the over usage. Hope: Jenni!! What did you do to it??
Jenni: I didn't. It broke. Just fix it.
Hope: But can't we just call a repairman?? See, it's right there in my wants panel!
Jenni: Sorry. Can't. No service NPCs.
Hope: Why are you putting me through this??
Jenni: Cause it's fun.
Hope: Why did this Pinstar guy come up with so many rules?
Jenni: Hon, there are some things in life that even I don't know.

Hope: Stupid puddle.
Jenni: Don't blame the puddle. Blame Pinstar.

Jenni: Another one!! YAY!
Hope: I feel all platinum-y...

It was then that I started getting some problems. Hope had enough body points to start doing yoga to gain body points, but her comfort would be in the toilet, and I couldn't get it back up no matter what I tried. So it was time to expand.

Downstairs, complete with a chess table for building up logic.

Upstairs with the aspiration rewards we brought from college, and a brand new, shiny RECLINER!! We never had any comfort problems after that.

Then suddenly, one night, as Hope was sleeping....... The buy and build tabs disappear.

This could only happen to me.

Stupid fricking, fracking... *Mutters other things*

Nevertheless, Hope is again promoted.
Jenni: How come you keep spinning up the want to buy another car??
Hope: What do you mean 'another' car?

Jenni: GAH!!!

Jenni: Oh! When did he get here?
Hope: Just a few minutes ago. I finally had a Tuesday off, so I called him over.
Jenni: Aww... I'll leave you two alone for your reunion.

So after that, I didn't take many pictures because I became solely focused on getting Hope up the career ladder, but I did take a few.

Maxing out fitness enthusaism, and almost getting to full body.

Another promotion.

Making a friend (By the way, the absolute best way to make a friend is to find an AL townie and figure out which gesture is theirs. Queue up a whole row of them and you have an insta-friend!)
And before I realized how much time I had spent at the computer..........

Jenni: You got to the top of your career!!!
Hope: What does that mean?
Jenni: That you won't get robbed again.
Hope: Sweet!!
Jenni: It also means that you get to go to Phoenix, and she gets to be responsible for you now.
Hope: Okay...
Jenni: And that you can invite over Jerome and get married to him, once you guys catch up on things.


Seriously, I did all of this in one sitting. I was shocked. It was the fastest I have EVER gotten a sim up the career ladder. I was so proud of myself :-D

You should be getting an update from Phoenix as soon as possible. I'll push her :-D

Custom Content credit goes to...

XMsims for Sim-Jenni's hair and Sim-Phoenix's hair.
All About Style for Sim-Jenni's clothes, Rachel Legacy's clothes (The blonde watching TV in one of the first few posts)
Raonsims for Rachel Legacy's hair (Super cute :-))

And special thanks goes to...

Pinstar, for making my Friday miserable when I spent all day playing the stupid challenge.
Phoenix, for helping me in my plots to kill Pinstar.
Terrance, my Maxoid, for making my Friday that much more miserable.
All the readers and commenters out there. :-) You guys rock!! See you when I get her back!! Maybe we'll even have mini-Hopes running around! ;-)


Triss said...

That was fast! I can't believe Hope reached the top of her career already. But her fashion sense is... interesting.
Reading all this makes me want to just open the game and start my own Apocalypse right away.

JC-PR said...

lol!! I laugh at you now gosh Jenni you're an idiot. And you still need to send me Hope... So I can start working her on... Something... Yay!!

Let's just home Terrance can't follow Hope to my computer or I might just die.


Raerean said...

Reading yours made me start my own apocalypse. I put my legacies on hold for the weekend and did uni + top of career in two days (and about 3 hours sleep =P). I didn't realise about the curtain trick for room score though. At least you gave Hope seperate rooms though ;)
I look forward to reading more

ruby said...

too funny. grats on TOC! whew that was fast
oh goodie, time for Jerome and kidlettes!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Wow, congrats on reaching a TOC. I tried the Apocalypse challenge, and failed miserably, hehe. It was fun though, in that hair pulling way!