Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello Peoples!

Phoenix: Uh... Hi everyone?

Jenni: Hey everyone! This is JC and PR's apocalypse blog! (Though you can just call me Jenni and her Phoenix.) For some reason we decided to do a shared apocalypse.

Phoenix: I do believe this was from WAAAAY to much sugar one night at CBS...

Jenni: No it was youth group. Kind of. More like slacking off at AWANA work.

Phoenix: I never slack off!! You do.

Jenni: I'm not technically a part of AWANAs. Anyway, the way we're going to set this up is that every time someone lifts a restriction (Not including pet restrictions) we'll pass off the neighborhood to the other person.

Phoenix: So probably that means we'll be passing elders back and forth....

Jenni: Our founder is Hope Less. (Ha. Ha. I was spending far too much time looking at the TSR challenge sims.) I'm going to play her through college and get her to the top of a career. I know that personally my goal is to do a blog post at the end of every semester, if they're in college, and at the end of every two sim weeks when they're not.

Phoenix: We have to do two sim weeks? Oh boy... This could be interesting.... Cuz I'm.... Procrastinator?

Jenni: You don't have to, but that's my goal.

Phoenix: But I play for like... Hours on end... And two weeks is like... Nothing... I was figuring like... Big things... Birthday's and stuff...

Jenni: You do what you feel like doing .

ANYWAY, I first got interested in this challenge when (Shameless plug alert!) I listened to Rachel's Sims 2 Challenges podcast (Seriously, go listen to it if you aren't already. Go to and search Sims, or go to and listen in the little application on the sidebar like I do.) and I listened to the episode where Pinstar, the creator came on and talked about it. If you don't know the rules, go listen to the podcast. It's seriously like, two hours long. That's it.

Jenni: Anyway, apart from the awesomeness of the podcast, after listening to the episode like five times and rereading the rules five times, I finally got rid of my headache and started to get the urge to play it. Especially because I was bored because I finished my Legacies (Who were so buggy it drove me insane, so I was like "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!") so for some reason I started this.

Phoenix: I never finished a legacy either... I need to do that I got to gen seven and accidentally deleted my town... I just about DIED....

Jenni: I did :-D

Phoenix: Yes, yes, I know... *Rolls eyes*

Jenni: Anyway, I will try to update this blog as often as I can, but being a fifteen year old girl in high school, I don't know how well that's gonna work out. I'll try really, really hard, I promise! (Can't say anything about Phoenix. *Shrugs* She's lazy.)

Phoenix: Hey!! I'm an eighteen year old in college!!! I have homework too!!

Jenni: She also has commitment issues, so God knows when you'll get an update.


Jenni: Anyway. Back on topic. I'll be updating this as soon as I can. Hope is currently like, 15 hours until her final test for freshman year, but during all of this, I had to move to Texas, so I don't know when my dad will get the desktop computer up and running again. I'm hoping really soon.

Phoenix: It's rather depressing... Oh! And we have decided that we're gonna do the first born girl....

Jenni: Yes. First born girl will be the heiress, so if we get all boys, we're screwed.

Phoenix: VERY screwed....... And we're gonna TRY to name them like Hope, Grace, Joy... So we got three names.... We'll be good eh?

Jenni: And (As a personal thing for me, because I have never done either of these) I would like to get most all of my young adults into the secret society, and I would like to have just ONE top level business (I suck at OFB. S.U.C.K.) then close it down so Phoenix doesn't have to deal with it.

Phoenix: Nah it's fine just so long as you have a manager I'll deal with the business, I don't mind I like business.

Phoenix: Oh and I want to point out NOW that this was ALL her idea!!!! Doing the apocalypse, having to do the first born girls... But I will take credit for the naming part... I came up with that one

Jenni: I would also like to have just one person who can make servos. (Like I said, I SUCK AT OFB.) I never have the patience to keep them at the robot bench long enough to get a gold badge. I'm pathetic. *Sigh* Anyway..........

Phoenix: I like Servo's!!! I always have a girl and a boy and it makes me happy!!! ^.^

Jenni: We're not talking about your boolprop experience. We're talking about the apocalypse.

Phoenix: I never boolproped!!!!

Jenni: On topic.

Phoenix: Hey you're talking to ME when am I EVER on topic?

Jenni: I don't know what Phoenix's style of writing it will be, but most likely I'll write it with me talking to the sim and them talking back and telling the story that way, since I'm not talented enough to do Emerald Isle ( style of writing.

Phoenix: I have no clue what that style is... Yes I have no time leave me alone. I have no clue how I'll write... No doubt the Sims'll have little personality and quirks and all........ And unfortunately there will probably be like... Inside jokes between Jenni and me... And Twilight ref....

Jenni: Just ignore it. She's......... Quirky, if that's how you want to put it. (Meaning she most likely needs to go to an asylum)


Jenni: And if we don't have anything else to add, then I'll close out with saying that I will probably have the first post up as soon as possible

Phoenix: Yeah we should close out before people don't come back to read because they're screaming scared of me, at least you have her posting first... Lots of them sounds like lol!! See ya whenever I get my hands on Hope!!

Jenni: Bye!

Table of Contents:

Jenni's First round:

Hope's Freshman year

Hope's Sophmore, Junior, and Senior years

Law Enforcement

Phoenix's First round:

Starting Show Business and Glitches!!

Show Business cont.

Outfit poll #1

Hope, Jerome, Joy, and Edmund

Jenni's round two

Update time!

Welcome To The Real World, Kiddos

Future Mrs. Korey Collins

Short But Sweet

The Results of Boredom, Loneliness, and The Curse of The Disappearing Pictures

Oh, and a last minute addition, the rules to the Apocalypse challenge, unless you know them, can be found here.

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LOL you two crack me up. I look forward to seeing how things go.