Saturday, May 23, 2009

Short But Sweet

Yo to the peoples!!

So, here's where we last left off. Joy had met her dream boy, Korey Collins. La dee freaking dah.

Here's where I would show you a picture of Hope's pathetic life bar, but erm.... I didn't take one. Or I saved over it or something like that. Oops. So imagine it.

Oh and Edmund still has the stomach flu from heck.

Jenni: Ooh, shiny!!! Edmund, go wish for platinum.
Edmund: Why?
Jenni: Because I said so.
Edmund: Fine.
Jenni: Do you want to get promotions?
Edmund: ...Yes
Jenni: Then go.

Jenni: Joy? Joy honey?
Joy: Look at the baby! Who's a cute baby? You are! Yes you are! Ooh, you're so adorable.
Jenni: Let's let her have her fun.

Jenni: ...Hope what are you eating??
Hope: A salad.
Jenni: That's against the rules, per the Natural Science career!
Hope: But it's good!
Jenni: Ugh.
Hope: You're mean.
Jenni: Naaw, really?
Hope: You know, some day you're gonna miss me.
Jenni: Nope. I'm good.
Hope: Well, nice to know.

Jenni: Wait, what??
Hope: Told you so!
Jenni: Okay, I get the point! Don't go!!

Jenni: Oh don't look so smug. I have boolprop and I have no idea how to use it!!
Grim Reaper: Not unless you want to crash the neighborhood.
Jenni: Dang it.

Here is where I do one of those obituary type things, even though I have NO idea what exactly obituary means...

Hope Less-Hurt
Fortune Sim
Died platinum
Former Captain Hero (For like three days)
Beloved founder, wife, mother, and pain in the butt

And non-officially, my... Second favorite sim ever. Sorry, Kia Legacy beat you out by a thread.

We'll miss you.



ruby said...

More like short and sweet.
You always manage to crack me up and today I totally needed a good laugh. Thanks Jenni
*waves bye* You'll be kinda missed Hope. by erm.. someone.. i'm sure..

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Awww, RIP Hope!

jamielee said...

So sorry to see hope go but glad your blogging agin.

Phoenix said...

*Sniffle* Bye... Bye Hope!!! I'm... I'm not gonna cry...

*Bursts into tears and runs away*

Anonymous said...

Awww, bye Hope!